We are using SVG Icons in GitLab with a SVG Sprite, due to this the icons are only loaded once and then referenced through an ID. The sprite SVG is located under /assets/icons.svg. Our goal is to replace one by one all inline SVG Icons (as those currently bloat the HTML) and also all Font Awesome usages.

Usage in HAML/Rails

To use a sprite Icon in HAML or Rails we use a specific helper function :

sprite_icon(icon_name, size: nil, css_class: '')

icon_name Use the icon_name that you can find in the SVG Sprite (Overview is available under /assets/sprite.symbol.html). size (optional) Use one of the following sizes : 16,24,32,48,72 (this will be translated into a s16 class) css_class (optional) If you want to add additional css classes


= sprite_icon('issues', size: 72, css_class: 'icon-danger')

Output from example above

<svg class="s72 icon-danger"><use xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" xlink:href="/assets/icons.svg#issues"></use></svg>

Usage in HTML/JS

Please use the following function inside JS to render an icon : gl.utils.spriteIcon(iconName)

Adding a new icon to the sprite

All Icons and Illustrations are managed in the gitlab-svgs repository which is added as a dev-dependency.

To upgrade to a new SVG Sprite version run yarn upgrade https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-svgs and then run yarn run svg. This task will copy the svg sprite and all illustrations in the correct folders.

SVG Illustrations

Please use from now on for any SVG based illustrations simple img tags to show an illustration by simply using either image_tag or image_path helpers. Please use the class svg-content around it to ensure nice rendering. The illustrations are also organised in the gitlab-svgs repository (as they are then automatically optimised).


= image_tag 'illustrations/merge_requests.svg'